Happy Patients

These are reviews from our amazing patients who posted them on Yelp, Weedmaps and other websites.

There is no better place to go

First off, I have been a patient here for over two years. This is hands down the best place to go for several reasons. First, you are greeted by security outside in a friendly manner. Second, you are signed in by Samantha or Nancy who are two of the sweetest ladies you will meet (not to mention absolutely stunning). Then you have bud tenders who know there stuff, and they are willing to explain things and take time with you. The quality is top shelf, lab tested, and overall the best quality I have found. Without a doubt this is the best place to go for meds.

Free Half Eighth

I really like coming to reLeaf, because all the employees our super friendly especially Dusten and Jonathan! But mainly because of the organization they bring to their cannabis club! They have a folder broken down into pages: Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, Edibles, etc. to me it makes everything convenient and there for you not be scrambling around looking for what you want. reLeaf has some really cool prices and beautiful flowers. 12 stamps of $50 or more spent gets you a free half eighth!!
-Andre L.

A Real Cooperative

These guys are second to none, they care about patients not money. They take great care or their vendors and have the most compassionate compassion program I have ever seen. Hopefully they figure out who wrote this. Thanks for all your help.


The people here care about you as a patient! They clearly have a passion for helping people and their pride extends to the facility. When you register as a new patient you immediately feel like family. Across the street from the police station with security on site so you always feel comfortable here.
-Paulo S.

One of the best in the Bay

Been pretty much a daily here for a few months now, this spot is great, all of the staff is really informative. Everything is smooth and all the receptionist, securities and budtenders are awesome, they make you feel like they actually care and they have you in and out quickly with a smile on your face. All the prices and products are great and a lot better than most in the Bay Area, if you haven't been down to this spot you should really go by and check it out for yourself.

Kind and Knowledgable

The guys in the back were so kind and knowledgable. For someone who hasn't used much cannabis in the past, they brought out exactly what my doctor recommended and even recommended other strains. They let me smell all of them and were helpful in getting me the right medicine. Thanks!
-Anne T.

Gained a loyal patient today

I have been in most of the clubs in Vallejo and releaf is the best!! Good location, clean, very personable people. I was worried as it's a farther than I usually go however releaf just became the club for me. Awesome prices! I bought 4 different kinds and they all are winners! I know they need patients to keep their doors open but I would like to keep it my awesome secret! All of you at releaf you gained a loyal patient and I would drive even farther for your services. Thanks for cookie, I'll let you know on my next visit!!! Keep up the great work, you are the BEST!!!

A Little Nervous

So, I was a little nervous coming in here. Okay, really nervous. I'm so glad they were understanding. Samantha who checked me in and was so sweet and helpful. She helped calm me down and put me at ease. She sent me to the back, and I was helped by Jonathan. Jonathan was so sweet dealing with me, and my many silly/crazy questions. The whole experience was awesome, and relaxing. Oh, and the security guys were super nice! If it's your first visit, don't be shy to ask them where to go. I look forward to my next visit. Thank you!
-Melodie M.

Their policy cannot be beat

At ReLeaf, their FTP process was lightning fast and everything about the building looks professional, including the desk attendant. John B was my cannatech and he made sure I left with the proper meds, while being attentive and professional. At other places, some cannatechs can be really spacey and cant describe the bud well, this was not the case during my visit. Above all, their policy on being able to return medication that you believe was not up to your standard is what makes this place better than the others. This is the first place I have ever been to that has offered me that kind of an exchange policy. It is because of that policy that I am giving them such high of a rating. Been a cardholder for two years now and have tried many walk in dispensaries in the area. They all seem to be the same as each other at the end of the day. Some have beefier security, some may have a good deals (depending on the day), and some may have slightly better staff (depending on the day). It seems as though they are all the same, and it just comes down to luck. ReLeaf takes luck completely out of the equation. My only negative is their parking is lacking compared to other dispensaries in the area.

Much deserved thumbs up

It's been quite a while since I've taken the time to get on here and review a dispensary; but after going over the bridge for a couple weeks to get my bud, having been fed up with all the crappy Vallejo clubs that are still lingering, my good friend recommended and took me to ReLeaf, and I was pleasantly surprised. By far, this is the most professional club to ever set foot in Vallejo. Just like the professional clubs you'd see in San Jose or elsewhere (not in Vallejo!). By far the most knowledgeable and friendly bud-tenders; they don't just point at a board, and they really really know what they're talking about. I encourage anyone to ask them anything, you'll actually learn something! The top-quality bud can be very pricy ($64 an 1/8th for the Girl Scout Cookies!), but it's definitely some of the best quality weed in Vallejo. Strongly and highly recommended!