At reLeaf, we’re fixated on Happy Healing. Every day, we see how cannabis contributes to happiness with its physical, emotional, and spiritual healing capabilities.

It’s why we’ve made it our goal to introduce the scientific, political, and healing communities to the power of cannabis to promote happiness. In fact, we believe in the concept of Happy Healing through cannabis so much, we are teaming up with researchers, social workers, community leaders, psychologists, doctors, and others to formulate a formal research study on happiness.

reLeaf is a place of acceptance, healing, peace, and harmony. We’re proud to be part of the community and, together with our wonderful staff, proud to serve our patients. We look forward to making Happy Healing a reality for years to come!

Anh and Maurice founded reLeaf to give patients access to medical cannabis in a friendly, professional environment. They are helping to set the standard in responsible, compassionate cannabis care.

You can trust our Cannatech team to make informed recommendations based on the latest cannabis research, and to help you monitor your progress for the best possible results.